Code 3 Collection Software


Code 3 Collection Software


The Code 3 Collection Software V-11 is our newest version of our collectible inventory software. It sports a new look, more in depth fields and more reports for the collector. This Code 3 Collection SoftwareV-11 was developed with the help of several serious collectors. Their input was crucial in making a software program that was designed for the serious collector. This software is preloaded with information pertaining to the collectible and has numerous drop down fields containing this information. The information for these fields was gained through the help of input from collectors. There are utility menus so the software user can maintain these fields and update them when new additions or retirements are made to the collection. This avoids the need for costly updates to the software. This helps keep the costs down and makes the software more affordable for our collecting friends. Up to two pictures can be added to each one of your records also. Purchasers of our software can use our web services to list up coming collectible events, wanted items, buy, sell, or trade of their collectibles at no charge. This program is a Windows based program that was designed to be easy to use by all age groups and will work on all Windows formats from Windows 95 through Windows 8.0.

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